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Our Services

Some of the treatments we use:


Manual Therapy: 
This includes the skilled use of 'hands on' techniques. These include the manipulation, mobilisation, and stretching of joints, muscles, and ligaments.
This assists in reducing pain, inflammation, stiffness and improves flexibility, function and mobility. 

Back Massage

Massage Therapy:
Perhaps one of the oldest treatment and healing techniques around. Massage therapy involves the use of applying pressure, kneading or manipulating a person’s muscles and other soft-tissue to improve their pain, blood circulation, inflammation, healing and mobility.

Physical Therapy

Exercise Based Therapy:
This includes specific exercises that work to gradually strengthen and stretch muscles, joints and other soft tissue structures.
Research and evidence demonstrates that exercise therapy is a hugely important aspect of treatment especially in the mid and long term.
Certain exercises assist with different conditions and professional guidance is vital.

Child Physiotherapy

Professional Education and Advice:
Understanding your injury/condition is vital in enhancing your recovery. We will equip you with the knowledge of simple but effective self-management techniques and identify any hindering factors.
Many conditions can be easily treated and prevented by having a good understanding of how your body works and the causes of your  pain/condition.

Dry Needling:
This involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific trigger points and soft tissue structures to stimulate them. This helps to improve pain, function, mobility, healing and blood supply.

The use of external sports tapping assists with holding structures in place, providing feedback to the body and can help to prevent injury.
Taping can offer great assistance in the treatment of sprains, strains and dislocations.


Wrist Brace

Application of Braces/Splints:
Braces and splints can be used to help treat a variety of different injuries and conditions. They help to immobilise, support and protect.

This helps to reduce pain, decrease swelling, and facilitate healing of certain injuries. They can also be used for injury prevention, chronic pain reduction, and to alter the function of a joint.

Braces and splints can easily be used incorrectly or at the incorrect phase of recovery. It is important that your Physio recommends and fits any braces or splints.

At Physiotherapy Recovery Clinic we use therapeutic ultrasound. The ultrasound head produces a form of mechanical energy that creates therapeutic sound waves at specific frequencies. These therapeutic sound waves increase the temperature in the tissue and increase activity levels within the cells. This ultimately enhances bloody supply and tissue healing in muscles, ligaments and tendons.

What we treat:

At Physiotherapy Recovery Clinic, we treat a large variety of injuries and conditions.
Just some of these include: 


- All musculoskeletal injuries
- All musculoskeletal conditions
- Paediatric (children's) musculoskeletal injuries/conditions
- Post-operative and Pre-operative rehabilitation (joint reconstructions, tendon tear repairs, etc)
- Sports injuries (elite and amateur)
- Fractures/dislocations
- Back and neck pain
- Work place and motor vehicle injuries
- Acute conditions/injuries
- Chronic conditions/injuries
- Ongoing every day niggly injuries and pain
- Pelvic floor dysfunction/pain
- Hand and foot injuries/pain
- Cardiorespiratory conditions

What we treat

Types of patients/clients we see:

Some of the types of clients that Physiotherapy Recovery Clinic sees, include:  


- Normal Private patients (standard consultations)
- Enhanced Primary Care plan patients (EPC)
- Workers Compensation patients
- Compulsory Third Party insurance patients (CTP)
- Department of Veteran Affairs patients (DVA)
- FPES medi-support patients (Woolworths, BWS, etc)

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Booking Types
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