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Welcome to Physiotherapy Recovery Clinic!

Welcome to Physiotherapy Recovery Clinic! We are specialists in treating pain, stiffness and injury!
We are dedicated to helping you to recover from your injury and pain. Our physiotherapist utilises treatment techniques that are backed by the latest research evidence to get you back to your daily life, work, and sports as soon as possible. 

Our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist will work 1-on-1 with you to individually diagnose and tailor treatment for your specific injury, pain or condition. We pride ourselves on personalised, professional and holistic care for all our clients in Concord, Strathfield, Thornleigh and the surrounding suburbs of the Inner West and Upper North Shore

Our mission is to get you active, pain free and healthy!  


Concord | Thornleigh | Strathfield


Our Mission: 3 Step Process

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Physical Therapist




We will talk through your symptoms, goals, limitations and pain patterns. This will assist in our diagnosis and reveal any causes or contributing factors to your injury/condition.

Assess and Diagnose

We will utilise special physiotherapy tests to assess and determine what is causing your pain and injury/condition. This may also include reviewing scan results if applicable.


We will provide you with a detailed explanation of your condition and an individually tailored treatment plan that's best for you. This will include a combination of a 'hands-on’ and exercise based approach to fix your condition for short, mid and long term recovery.


Our Mission
  • 1. What is physiotherapy?
    Physiotherapists are experts in the structure of the human body and its movements. They work with people of all ages to treat a broad range of health conditions including sports injuries, musckuloskeletal conditions and chronic health conditions. Physiotherapists are involved in the assessment, diagnosis, planning and management of patient care. Essentially, physiotherapy helps you get the most out of life by fast tracking your recovery from injury, reducing your pain and stiffness, increasing mobility and preventing further injury.
  • 2. Do I need a doctor's referral to see a Physio Recovery Clinic physiotherapist?
    No, because physiotherapists are primary healthcare practitioners. This means you can see a Physiotherapist without needing a referral from your doctor. However, if your condition relates to an insurance claim or DVA or an Enhanced Primary Care plan, it is advisable to first obtain a GP referral.
  • 3. I have been referred for physiotherapy under Workers Compensation or CTP, what details do I need?"
    You will need to bring in your referral for physiotherapy from your doctor and your claim details. Your claim detail are usually provided to you via email, by your case manager. These details include: - Claim number - Insurance company - Case manager details You will also need to gain written or verbal confirmation from your case manager or work insurance to begin physiotherapy.
  • 4. How long does my physiotherapy consultation take?
    The normal Physiotherapy Recovery Clinic consultation duration is 30-40 mins. We only see one client at a time, 1-on-1, in a private room. It is appreciated if you arrive for your appointment 5-10 mins early.
  • 5. How does Physio Recovery Clinic accept private health insurance payments?
    Physio Recovery Clinic has an on site HICAPs machine which means that private health insurances can be claimed on the spot and any remaining gap payment can be made via eftpos or cash.
  • 6. How much will my private health insurance cover for my physiotherapy consultation?
    All health funds are different, and even within the same health fund there are different levels of cover and modifications that can be made to your extras cover. If you would like an exact answer to that question prior to your consultation, you will need to contact your health fund provider. Alternatively we can use our on site HICAPs machine to obtain a quote from your health fund.
  • 7. What should I wear to my physiotherapy consultation?
    Your Physio Recovery Clinic Physiotherapist will need to have access to the area of pain and you will need to be able to move freely to assess the specific area. Therefore, it is best if you wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • 8. I have a few other questions I'd like to ask before booking in with Physio Recovery Clinic. How do I do so?
    No problems. We welcome all enquiries. There are 2 ways to do so: 1. You can email your questions to our physiotherapitst directly via 2. You can call our friendly reception staff on 9736 2001, who will be happy to help you out. If they are unable to answer your questions they will pass you on to our Physiotherapist himself.


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